Our Vision & Purpose

Defined by 5 Key Elements


To unite women together of all ages, creed, and ethnicity, to help women find and fulfill their purpose as well as promote unity among women for the greater good of our community.



Provide opportunities to serve and support our sisters, community, businesses and local charities to enhance and enrich our community.



Provide prayer, inspiration, encouragement, and empowerment to promote motivation to help women fulfill their purpose.



Provide and Promote opportunities to fellowship with others and interact with professionals and service groups within our local and surrounding areas.



Provide Workshops and Resources to help promote skills and knowledge that will Equip and Empower women holistically to pursue their purpose.


Our Song

“I Need You to Survive
We’re all a part of God’s body
It is His will that every need be supplied
You are important to me
I need you to survive
I will pray for you
And you pray for me
I love you, and you love me
I won’t harm you with words of my mouth
I need you to survive”

— by Hezekiah Walker