Sherry P. Hamilton is a deeply passionate,ordained and licences Minister, Author, Life Coach and Entrepreneur of Kyle, Tx, with a wealth of experience spanning for more than a decades. She is a dedicated wife to a loving and ever supportive husband — who she has been married to for almost three decades — and mother to amazing children. She regards her family as her greatest accomplishment.

She is the Founder of Women of Unity a 501c3 non-profit organization that helps women of all ages, creed, and ethnicity to find and fulfill their purpose.

Sherry P. Hamilton, desires o help women live and lead better lives as ordained by God through prayer, motivation, support, and empowerment. In her quest to impact the lives of others, Sherry P. Hamilton uses her life and experiences as advantage point. In her many sessions filled with life-changing messages and power-packed presentations, she draws relatable instances from past occurrences, while also detailing how she was able to overcome them with the grace of God.

She aims at helping other people in their unique journeys, to keep their hopes and faith in Christ, strong and unfailing so that they can discover their true life purpose and begin to make constant, conscious and guided efforts towards achieving that purpose.

By helping others better understand the process involved in truly accepting Jesus — so that the doors to a life of fulfillment may be opened, Sherry P. Hamilton seizes the opportunity to refresh herself and remain even more steadfast in her relationship with God on a daily basis. She has been described by many as an authentic, caring, approachable, humble, confident and compassionate person with a genuine love for God and His ways.

She also prides herself in becoming a thriving business woman. Her business equips and empowers lives through her CPR Courses, Matters of the Heart presentations and spiritually with her life-changing Life Coach sessions.

She strives to leave a legacy — of helping countless individuals walk in their purpose.


Sherry P. Hamilton