Our Team

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Raven Hamilton

Vice President & Social Media Coordinator

Raven is currently studying Interpersonal Communication at the University of Texas at Austin. She desires to reach those within her campus, community, and world, using social media as a valuable tool, to inspire, mentor, and encourage others. Raven is destined for greatness and is a valuable asset to Women of Unity and every organization she's a part of.

Contact: raven@womenofunity.org

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Lavonia Willams

Business Consultant

LaVonia is a graduate of Texas State University and the CEO of HW Management Consulting, LLC. Her services include, but are not limited to helping businesses and organizations become a legal entity and HUB certified. In addition, she provides assistance with contract writing, bid submissions and taxes. She is also a devoted wife and mother.

Contact: lavonia@womenofunity.org

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Carnecia Penson

Network Coordinator

Carnecia owns a Virtual Assistant business and is the founder of Harvey's Helping Hand. She is also a Curls Brand Ambassador, Natural Hair Enthusiast, Blogger, Event Host, and Public Speaker. She is ready to network with our local and surrounding businesses, organizations, and churches to ensure our partners have connections and information.

Contact: carnecia@womenofunity.org

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Deanna Dotson

Resource Coordinator

DeAnna’s determination and dedication to help others is OUTSTANDING! She has a Master's Degree in Social Work and lives in the Houston area with her cat "Bruno". She enjoys providing helpful resource services to all people, especially senior citizens. We are honored to have her partner with us!

Contact: deAnna@womenofunity.org

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Gwendolyn Penson

Executive Administrator/Secretary

Gwendolyn has such a sense of humor and is a dedicated woman to her family and to the vision of Women of Unity. Gwendolyn is a Center Manager for one of the largest medical groups in Central Texas and has an eye and ear for details like none other.

Contact: gwendolyn@womenofunity.org

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Erin Bond

Inspirational Coordinator

Erin is a wife, mother, business owner of Agape Texas Cleaning Services and founder of Creative Freedom Ministries. She is ready to pray, encourage, and inspire you!

Contact: erin@womenofunity.org

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Rachceda Palapala

Volunteer Coordinator

Rachceda is a dedicated wife and mother who is full of energy and has a gift to help and support others. We are truly honored to have her partner with us and be a part of this organization.

Contact: rachceda@womenofunity.org